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Germaine Goodman

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Grab our whiteboard animation software when you become an upgraded member with Infinity Residuals. You will get an unlimited commercial license to create amazing whiteboard videos.

Text Ads

Advertise to other like minded members in our backoffice with our text style advertisemtns. Receive 1000's of ads daily and monthly with an upgraded membership.

Banner Ads

Along with our text ads you will receive banner ad credits each time your membership renews.


how it works

Unique Opportunity Program

Our program has a unique reverse 2 up system. You will earn 100% commissions on your 1st and 3rd membership sale from Infinity Residuals. On your 2nd and 4th sale, you will pass those commissions up to your sponsor. Each sale after the 4th, you will keep 100% commissions. Whenever your downline and passup downline make their 2nd and 4th sales, you will receive 100% of those commissions. This process happens down to infinity.

Why Infinity Residuals

  • 100% Commissions
  • Multiple Payment Gateways
  • Low Startup Cost
  • Digital Products
  • Fast Customer Support

Monthly Cyclers

As we started in January 2019 with our first cycler, the Main Cycler System, we will launch new and exciting cycler systems that generate our members, as well as new members, new profits every month while reverse feeding our Main Cycler System. Please click the cyclers button in the navigation menu to see our list of cyclers.

Residual Income

  • March Membership $0.01
  • April Membership $0.10
  • May Membership $0.25
  • June Membership $0.50
  • July Membership $1.00


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